#406: Play the stock market

02 Mar

Not with real money, of course.  I don’t understand the stock market, and I’m not ashamed to admit I can’t comprehend how people’s thoughts and speculations can affect real money.  I mean, I get it, but I don’t like it. Maybe it comes from growing up without having a lot of it, but I take pride in having money and exchanging it for things I want.  Putting it in a market and possibly losing it just because strangers think a certain company isn’t doing well?  Not for me.

Only–I would like to participate in the stock market because I’d like to get more money than I currently have. So I decided to start with fake money just to see what would happen.  The MarketWatch/Wall Street Journal game is perfect for me.  I can sit back, relax, watch what happens with my fake money, and use the results to help me decide whether to consider risking real money one day.

The game started on Friday, and after the first day, I have earned over $1000 by buying 6 stocks and just sitting on them, and I’m ranked 98 out of 1071 players.  Which is pretty encouraging.  Sure, within another week I’ll probably be much lower in the rankings since some of these people are seriously playing as if they were using real money.  But still, over $1K for a day’s not-so-much-work?  Not bad.

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