#409: Eat vegan on purpose

08 Mar

If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you shouldn’t expect a different outcome.  Right?

So even though I have no interest in the vegan lifestyle and had only eaten vegan food at a vegan restaurant my friend dragged me to because she had a deal there, and despite the truth that I love meat, I felt drawn to the vegan spinach noodles in the grocery store for some reason.  That reason probably has more to do with the fact that the dish was pre-made and all I’d have to do was open the package than that I was truly trying to change my actions to alter my results, but still.

Actions changed.

And what were those results, exactly?  Did I suddenly see the vegan light and proclaim all other diets absurd? Did I spend all night researching restaurants that would satisfy my new eating habits so I wouldn’t have to make my friends uncomfortable when I showed up for brunch and announced, “Well, I guess I’ll have the fruit salad since it’s the only thing on the menu I can eat”?  Did I renounce my omnivorous ways and check out of the library all those books that previously made me wary because I didn’t want to learn about the horrors associated with what I consume?

That’s a big no.  The dish, while not completely disgusting, was not good either.  And it left a weird taste in my mouth that not even the bagel, 2 bowls of ice cream, and 4 Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups miniatures that I ate after dinner could erase.

So I won’t be eating vegan again on purpose.  But if you have a deal for a vegan restaurant, I’m there.  I can’t resist a good deal, even if it’s for something I don’t want.

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