#410: Watch Breaking Bad

09 Mar

This was not one of those “Everyone loves this so I’m sure I’m going to hate it so I won’t bother experiencing it” situations.  Promise.  I just hadn’t gotten around to watching Breaking Bad.  The concept was intriguing to me, so I thought there was a good chance I would like it, but by the time it reached its whatever season it’s in now, I was less compelled to try it out simply because if I did like it that would mean I’d have a whole lot to catch up on, and I didn’t really want to introduce that sort of commitment into my life right now.

But when I discovered the HD cord I had technically stolen from TWC (but not technically considering how much of my money and time they have taken from me without giving anything in return over the years) actually works to hook up my computer to my TV and my friend was basically forcing me to watch the show, I figured I had no choice.

After the first episode, I thought, eh.  My friend urged me to start the second one.

After the second episode, I thought, eh.  My friend told me she didn’t start liking it until the end of the first season (and now she’s obsessed).

So I don’t know.  Maybe one day I’ll give the rest of the first season a shot, but most likely I won’t.  Not because I don’t think I’ll end up liking it, but just because I don’t know that I want to put that much effort into trying to like a show that I’ll then have to catch up on however many seasons of.  There are far too many other, more important, more ultimately worthwhile endeavors I should probably be spending my energy on.  I’d much rather give liking seafood more tries.  I’d rather learn to not be annoyed by the girl above me stomping across her floor at all hours.  I’d rather, if you really want to know, put my effort toward making relationships with men who are normal and boring satisfying to me so I don’t have to participate in the ones that are interesting and exciting and unsustainable.

Liking Breaking Bad isn’t even in the top 7 on the list of non-monumental things I want to accomplish.

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