#412: Don’t take full advantage of a deal

11 Mar

I thought this would be more difficult than it was.  Whenever there’s a deal, I take advantage of it.  If I bought 2 discount tickets to something and can’t find a friend to go with me, I will email someone I haven’t talked to in months to see if they’re available.  If I check in on Foursquare and it says I get a free gift, I will follow employees around the store until I get my free gift.  If my brunch deal says I get 3 drinks, I will drink those 3 drinks.

So yesterday, when the brunch deal indicated I could have up to 5 drinks, I intended to have all 5 drinks–not because I needed or even wanted 5 drinks within 2 hours, but because that’s what the deal included.  You could offer me a deal that comes with a free coffee and I’ll choose that one over the one that doesn’t come with anything extra, even though I don’t drink coffee.  You could tell me a deal I purchased includes a personal concert performed by mosquitoes rubbing their wings together, and I’ll hold out my arm to let the musicians land.

But for some reason–call it maturity, call it moderation, call it a simple desire to not be sloppily drunk on the subway at 4pm on a Sunday–I didn’t feel the need to indulge in all 5 drinks.

I’m growing up, maybe.  Or maybe, I just recognized that the sorts of things I do after 5 drinks are even less appropriate at 4pm on a Sunday than they are at 1am on a Saturday.

Either way, I stopped at 4 drinks and spent the rest of the afternoon trying on all of the swimsuits I own, searching for the Gmail draft I accidentally deleted that held one of my many activity idea lists, and marveling at how light it stayed outside for so long.

Do these activities make for exciting stories?  No.  But then, being a responsible adult isn’t always exciting, is it?  It’s taken me a while to realize this because it’s taken me a while to become one.  (I’m not sure I technically am one even now, but I think not taking full advantage of the brunch deal shows I’m at least headed in that direction.)

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