#417: Choose glasses without help

17 Mar

I don’t like wearing glasses and I don’t think glasses look good on me.  These 2 ideas alone would be enough to make the glasses-choosing experience painful.  Add in the almost crippling inability to make decisions and you have a nearly unendurable nightmare.

The last time I bought glasses, I made my friend come meet me and it still took over an hour.

However, this time, I was using a LivingSocial voucher because my company doesn’t provide vision coverage; my friend has moved away from NYC; the voucher was a rip-off because the frames they sold at this place were all ridiculously expensive.

These unfortunate details actually made the process easier.  I asked to see the cheapest frames available.  I found one pair of glasses that might possibly look decent on me (though it was hard to tell because 1.) I think most glasses look bad on me and 2.) I didn’t have my glasses on so the mirror image was blurry).  I chose them.  I left it at that.

Later, when I go to pick them up, I may find that the glasses look awful.  I may never end up wearing them.  I probably overpaid for what they’re really worth.  But the fact that I picked them out all by myself makes none of that matter.  I made a decision, and quickly, without checking with anyone else first.  That’s priceless.

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