#419: Comic Strip Live

19 Mar

What can I say about Comic Strip Live?  I could tell you about how, though I love laughing and think I do it fairly easily, it’s not that easy for comedians to make me laugh out loud.  I could say how I’m harsh in judging them, too.  I could mention that I don’t normally find female comedians as funny as male comedians.  I could talk about how my expectations were low when the waitress yelled at me to move my chair and then accidentally gave my drink to someone else.

But that would be a misleading setup when all I need to say is: I enjoyed the show at Comic Strip Live.  Sure, there were a couple comics who weren’t very funny, and there was one who had this annoying, bordering on infuriating, catch phrase of, “Oh yeah,” delivered in a weird voice.  But there were also several comics who made me laugh (once or twice out loud, I’m pretty sure), and the one woman was actually funny.

So all in all, a good night.  Making it home in the rain/snow/slush that is no longer even sort of acceptable in the last week of winter?  Not so fun.  But hey, you can’t have everything.  I’ll take humor in horrible weather over unfunniness in tropical weather any day.***


***This is an exaggeration to make a point.  If I actually had to choose between humor or the beach, I can’t say for sure which one I would pick, but I can say it’s a choice I hope I don’t ever have to make.

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