#421: Chocolate-covered Peeps

22 Mar

Cannot explain the deliciousness.  There are no words.

All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t discover this amazing treat earlier, because it would have been dangerous for the impending swimsuit season (yeah, I realize it snowed yesterday, whatever; it’s supposed to be spring and if enough of us can just wish it hard enough, I’m sure that’s all it will take to make the weather cooperate).

If you aren’t sure whether you would like a snack that attempts to combine 2 seemingly mismatched things, might I just remind you of the Nerds Rope, nature’s most incredible candy that sounds gross until you try it?

If you haven’t tried Nerds Rope, might I just request that you put down the chocolate-covered Peeps in your hand and purchase a Nerds Rope instead?  Trust me.

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Posted by on March 22, 2013 in Food/Drink


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