#438: Be in a Shakespeare play

20 Apr

I’m just going to throw this out there as a suggestion, though I’m not any sort of theater expert (the last play I was in was a classroom performance of The Animal Music Men in second grade; I played Diggy Dog): you should probably read through a play at least once before trying to perform it.  Especially if it’s Shakespeare.

Had I known that participating in a Shakespeare marathon would entail reading The Tempest with people who had performed the play in a real production before, or at least were professional actors, or at the very least knew what the play was about, well, I would have taken my own advice.

Even though I messed up the reading by uncontrollably laughing for 3 minutes over someone’s pronunciation error that inadvertently created a rhyme (childish?  Yes.  Hilarious?  Yes), I still enjoyed the experience.  Mostly because this is just one of those things that I never would have done if I weren’t keeping up with this blog, and it’s also one of those things I probably wouldn’t have done if I weren’t in New York.

Professionals: you can keep Shakespeare, but thanks for letting me join you for an evening.  I had a great time. I apologize for the part when I suddenly realized my lines called for singing and attempted to do it.

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