#441: Eat a mango popsicle

24 Apr

As you know (or you would know if you’ve been following my blog for almost a year, or if you were one of the 35 people who found my blog by searching for some variation of “goji white grape popsicle”), it’s taken me a long time to be comfortable eating mango-flavored items.

But I thought I was ready for Edy’s mango fruit bar (they’ve been coming up with a lot of “exotic” flavors for these lately, so I keep buying the new ones thinking they might be amazing; so far, my favorite is still the first flavor they had, strawberry, with pineapple in a very close second place).

And it was fine.  Not great.  Certainly no goji white grape.

Still, I will keep trying every weird flavor that comes out just in case one of them is a gem.  I know there’s a whole theory about how the reason we–humans–aren’t satisfied is because we’re always looking for something better, and every time we make a decision, we can’t help but think about all of the doors that remain closed to us.  Makes complete sense.

But if I stuck with strawberry and pineapple and goji white grape, and some better flavor came along one day without me knowing it, I do truly believe it would negatively impact my life.

(Plus, today I woke up feeling very sick and having aggressive diarrhea, and I’m not saying it was all the mango popsicle’s fault, but I will say I detected a faint smell of mangoes during the debacle.  Which I realize isn’t something you probably cared to know, but I’m home sick and bored, and telling you the details of my bowel movement makes me feel more connected to you.  Sorry.)

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