#448: Visit Washington, DC

05 May

Don’t ask how I’ve lived in NYC for almost 7 years without having visited DC before.  Or, I mean, go ahead and ask, but I won’t have a good answer for you.

In preparation for the (surprise) visit for a friend’s birthday, I’ve been watching a lot of The West Wing.  It helped me get interested in seeing the monuments and the house.  Not that I wouldn’t have wanted to see them otherwise (although I can see how the fact that I’ve been living so close to the city without making time to go might give you a different impression), but imagining fictional characters being there made it more exciting.  I’ve never been into politics, and I have complicated feelings on a lot of political issues, so just being in the presence of all of these real-life powerful people wasn’t exactly thrilling on its own.

But it was pretty cool to see the architecture that defines our government (though of course they decided to do construction on the Washington Monument just in time for my trip).  And it was very strange to see so many preppy people all in one place.  DC dwellers practically ooze pomposity from their pores as you pass.  It’s possible I’m exaggerating, but if so, it’s not by much.

I’d like to go again and see other parts of the city, but I finally understand how people feel when they say about New York, “I like visiting but I could never live here.”

005  043
Notice any resemblance?                                  Apparently I got engaged over the weekend.

011 018
Could we be any more touristy?                                  Thanks for everything, Abe.

047  0581
Capitol in the midst of a circus.  Literally.                           Yeah I am.  Totally.

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