#449: Eat flaming cheese

07 May

The flame was put out before it got to my mouth, but still, as a person who is afraid of fire, this was a risky dining venture.  When in Greece…

Except I wasn’t technically in Greece.  Opa! is the first Greek restaurant I’ve been to since moving to Astoria, so how else to celebrate but by ordering the cheese soaked in brandy and lit on fire?

No other way.  Clearly.

While it was a daring delicacy choice, the dinner itself made me realize how close to the traditional line in life I really walk.  Sometimes, while reading through people’s online dating profiles or listening to conversations at work, I find myself thinking how “weird” I am–how I don’t exactly fit into the stereotypes you might think upon first glance.  But then, after eating a meal with someone studying Anthropology and spouting off lines about gay people and poly people and all of these people who most definitely do not fit the standard way of living that has been defined over the past centuries and is only now starting to bend slightly, I understand just how “normal” I am.

I want a boyfriend so I can eventually get married.  I don’t know if I want kids, but I’d love a huge dog, and that would probably mean moving to a suburb.  How much closer to typical American life can you get?  This saddens me a little, because I’ve inadvertently worked so hard to escape the clichés, and yet, listening eagerly to a woman just past her teen years speak intelligently about why she “hates” straight people, it also makes me seem lucky.  I don’t have to face the struggles people who have been born to live outside the mold do.  The challenges in my life have been created mainly by my own choosing–I picked to move to NYC; I chose to not settle down right after college; I wanted to explore things and see where they led without a clear plan.  While that makes me feel boring, it also makes me feel safe, and I can only imagine how awful it must feel to not have the comfort of knowing that if you really wanted to, you could fit into that dull stereotype fairly seamlessly.  Lots of people don’t have that luxury.

But anyway.  The flaming cheese–it was good, of course.

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