#452: Attend a cocktail war

11 May

The concept: a cross between Iron Chef and Chopped, but for drinks.  On the surface, there’s no way someone could mess this up.  Of course, as soon as you start getting people involved, there are numerous opportunities for logistics to step in and ruin the night.

Logistically speaking, there were some details lacking during the competition last night.  After each round, patrons were supposed to use the tabs on their wristbands to sample the drinks.  The bartenders were so slow–and sometimes just didn’t seem to feel like making the samples–that having to go up 3 times to fight for a drink was annoying.  But it was still fun, and it was still a cross between Iron Chef and Chopped, but for drinks, so it was still better than what I imagine a typical night at Hudson Terrace would be.

Plus, the deal I got for the event was incredible, and though lately I’m actually starting to think I have a real problem (is there a LivingSociaholics Anonymous yet?), I really can’t complain about getting 5 drink samples, 2 full cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres for $12.

I probably shouldn’t complain about my date not even taking one taste of any of the snacks and laughing at me when I came back from the bathroom with a mini hot dog and a pork dumpling, because in his overview of the night he is probably complaining about his date acting like a hawk waiting to pounce on each server as she passed by.  (And that’s fair.  Passed hors d’oeuvres make me extremely anxious–but, I think, rightly so. Having to panic each time you see a tray of something you want because the server decides to take a roundabout way to get to you and by the time she does her tray is empty is a recipe for anxiety for any food-loving, deal-obsessed person.  I’ve had to deal with the pain of being this close to getting a snack and having it literally snatched out from under me too many times in my life to wait patiently when I see a fried macaroni and cheese bite pass by on the other side of the room.)

So I won’t complain.  I’ll just say I had a good time sampling an interesting concept that would have been even better if the losing bartender, understanding he was going to lose, didn’t try to entice the audience to vote for him by taking his shirt off.  I don’t think there’s a person on this entire planet who could convince me to do something simply by removing his shirt.

But tell a funny joke and I’ll do anything you say.

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