#458: Get a call from a creditor

21 May

I’m gullible.  There.  I said it.  I pretend like I’m not because it goes along with the whole sarcastic, cynical side of my personality–if I can dish it out, I should be able to take it, too.  But I’m very bad at taking it.  Tell me something outrageous and if I’ve decided I can trust you (which I typically do within 4 minutes of meeting a person), I’ll believe you.

So when I called the company billing me for a doctor’s appointment in November and told them my insurance had already paid for the visit because that’s what it looked like, and they said that’s fine, I believed them.

When I got a second bill and called to ask what to do, they told me to fax in a copy of the insurance claim and that would fix it, so I did.

When I got the third bill and called to ask what to do and they told me it’s possible the fax machine was just busy and they didn’t get my fax, so I should re-try faxing it, and when I asked to speak to someone else and that person told me to call her directly to see if the fax went through and then when I called to check and they wouldn’t let me speak to that person directly but assured me the fax went through, I thought it would be okay.

When I got a final warning about my bill and called in a panic to make sure the claim was taken care of, and they told me my insurance never actually got the claim for that visit in the first place so they would send it over to them, I thought they really did.

Which is why, when I received a call from a creditor because it appeared I was just refusing to pay a bill, I was furious.  It turns out the people at the billing company had just been escalating my account while promising me it wouldn’t be escalated (during one of the phone calls, I literally asked the representative 7 times whether she was sure the issue would be handled, and she answered 7 times–albeit with exasperation the last 5–that it would be).

When I explained this to the creditor, and they claimed they would send my insurance the original claim and call me when it went through in 30 days, reassuring me my credit wouldn’t be harmed because of this incident (I’m stubborn, but I’d rather pay the $300 for the visit even though my insurance does cover it than have it make a mark on my excellent credit), I believed them.

So, when I am unable to purchase a car or house or take out a loan to start a business in 5 years because my credit has been ruined due to this ridiculous situation that is out of control and apparently out of my control, you and I will know it’s all because I am gullible.

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