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#486: Go to Bushwick

My friends tease me about being a hipster even though I’m not, so last night I decided to give them some more material for their jokes by hanging out in Bushwick.

Here are the latest signs I’m not a hipster: Read the rest of this entry »

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#485: Stay in a New York City hotel

When my ninth grade class came to NYC to visit every single tourist attraction in the entire city, we stayed overnight in New Jersey.  So when my friend came to visit and wanted to spend a night in a hotel and invited me along, of course I said yes.

I wanted to have a chance to experience New York through a non-New Yorker’s eyes.  Unfortunately, my eyes remained unchanged and instead of pretending I was seeing this great city for the first time, I ended up at a bar my company used to use for happy hours all the time, next to a couple who somehow spent 20 minutes talking about doing the dishes. Read the rest of this entry »

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#484: Admit timing is everything

For months, I’d been planning to submit an article to Gothamist.  I went to a museum in an elevator shaft almost exactly 2 months ago, and I didn’t write about it here because I was saving it for the article.

Then–what happened?  Nothing, really, except life.  I kept putting it off, kept checking to make sure no one had written about it on the site yet, kept putting it off some more.

Yesterday I was going to finish the article and submit it.  Finally, I was going to get around to doing something that should have happened back before I quit my job and got busy with my new job.  Better late than never, right?

Well, no.  Not when I discovered that an article about the museum had just been published on Sunday.

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#483: Watch fireworks in Astoria

I like how Astoria realizes it can’t compete even with other lesser fireworks shows that may happen in the days leading up to the 4th so it puts on a show over a week before the actual holiday.  Just add that to the ever-growing list of things I like about this neighborhood.  Another thing?  At the pre-show concert, you didn’t have to literally touch strangers’ body parts because you were so crammed into the lawn like you do at certain other outdoor performances, and you could walk through the crowd without stepping on people’s blankets.

But what I really like is how the fireworks lasted almost a half hour.  Imagine that!  Little Astoria put on a show that was just as impressive as many larger ones I’ve witnessed. Read the rest of this entry »

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#482: Cancel a flight

I’ve had flights canceled before by airlines.  I’ve had a flight canceled once by an ex.  But I’ve never canceled a flight.  Flights are big commitments, and I stick to commitments.

So yesterday, when I ended up in a big mess courtesy mostly of my own bad decisions but also thanks to life in general, instead of taking a flight that would lead me to 36 hours in Ohio, I canceled it. Read the rest of this entry »

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#481: Muay Thai kickboxing

It was a decent workout, and it sounds cool, right?  What are you doing tonight?  Oh, just some Muay Thai kickboxing.  It was a great environment, too–Central Park on a nice late spring evening.  The class itself was enjoyable, partially because I was learning something new and partially because I was the best one of the small group I was practicing with.

But–warning: sexist stuff to follow–being the best out of a group of girls, all of whom were probably younger than I am and definitely smaller than I am, isn’t saying much.  It’s like if a really funny woman were to tell jokes among other female comedians.  There’s an unfair advantage here in that the funny woman is funny.

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#480: Don’t welcome being hit on

I complain all the time–I mean only when it’s completely appropriate based on the current conversation, of course–about how strangers never hit on me.  They never come up to me in bars and offer to buy me a drink. They don’t approach me on the street and ask me to grab a drink with them.  They fail to spot me on the subway and check whether I have time for a drink.  All my life, this has been the story: people I don’t know do not desire to consume liquids with me.

So you’d think when someone standing near me on the subway platform last night suddenly asked, “What’s that pattern on your pants?  Pinstripe?” I would be swooning.

When I answered, “Yeah, I guess,” and he responded with, “Good choice,” you might imagine I asked him to marry me.

But I wasn’t.  And I didn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

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