#469: Barclays Center

06 Jun

So I admit, The National may have been a poor choice of band to decide to see on a night when I would be inexplicably exhausted (if they haven’t already put out a lullaby album for babies, I think that might be a good business move…and the intermittent screaming could mask the babies’ cries, which would be nice for parents, too).  But they ended up actually not being too sleep-inducing, so I stayed awake in order to enjoy my first concert at this place.

This place–it’s huge.  I knew that going in, but when I bought the tickets however many months ago, I wasn’t thinking about that how that would affect the concert experience.  I know popular bands play big venues all the time, and I’ve been to several of these, but for some reason, it just doesn’t seem as cool to attend a concert along with thousands of other people–who, according to their outfits, undoubtedly all lived in Brooklyn–and have to squint to see the band because the high-up seats were already more than I would’ve wanted to pay.

I’m not a “music person” in that I can’t answer the question, “What kind of music do you listen to?” to save my life (or a first date), but I am human, so I appreciate music.  And last night I found that I appreciate it more if I can imagine, if only for a second, that someone on that stage might be singing just for me.

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