#481: Muay Thai kickboxing

20 Jun

It was a decent workout, and it sounds cool, right?  What are you doing tonight?  Oh, just some Muay Thai kickboxing.  It was a great environment, too–Central Park on a nice late spring evening.  The class itself was enjoyable, partially because I was learning something new and partially because I was the best one of the small group I was practicing with.

But–warning: sexist stuff to follow–being the best out of a group of girls, all of whom were probably younger than I am and definitely smaller than I am, isn’t saying much.  It’s like if a really funny woman were to tell jokes among other female comedians.  There’s an unfair advantage here in that the funny woman is funny.

That’s why I prefer experiences like Krav Maga.  Because yeah, it kicked my butt, and so did my partner (almost literally), but I was the only woman in the class.  Being able to even mostly keep up with the others meant more.

Sorry, ladies.  I know some of you are super tough and could out-whatever plenty of men in your particular specialty, but when it comes to men in general and women in general, I’d rather see how I match up against the boys.

Plus, my voice has been pretty low since I have a lingering cold, and my breasts have been pretty small since I was 12, so you could argue that I sort of belong there anyway.  Just don’t do it to my face because I have a weird complex about looking like a man when my hair’s pulled back.

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