#488: See the Declaration of Independence

03 Jul

Sure, the main thing keeping me going while standing in line for what I was told would be an hour (but turned out to be 5 minutes) at the library was the thought that maybe some sort of Nicholas Cage character would suddenly appear and try to steal the Declaration of Independence.  Hey, I can’t help that one of my most-watched movies is National Treasure.

But it was still pretty cool to see the document.  Put aside the monumental meaning it has for America–this thing is one important piece of writing!  As a writer, I always hope that one day something I write will mean something for someone, and here in front of me was the ultimate example of the power of the written word.

I don’t care if my writing is preserved for hundreds of years.  I don’t wish for people to have to line up to see something I wrote.  I don’t even intend to make money from anything I’ve put on the page.  I just want it to mean something to someone outside of myself, because in that way, a part of me becomes a part of another person.

And I have a suspicion that’s really all this life thing is about when you get right down to it: making connections with other people.  The way I’ve chosen–the way I feel compelled–to do that is through the written word, so if I can reach even one of you, I think I’m on the right path.

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