#491: Go to Wave Hill

07 Jul

It’s one of those NYC places where you think when you’re there, “This doesn’t feel like New York.”  There are lots of places like that: the Cloisters, Inwood Hill Park, the Harlem Target.

So what exactly is New York supposed to feel like?

Bustling.  Hustling.  Crowds.  Loud.  Concrete.  Busy streets.  Other words that don’t sort of rhyme, like tall buildings, and packed subways, and trendy restaurants.  It’s supposed to feel, I imagine, like how it’s portrayed in movies: fast-paced and important and big and impersonal.

But if it were only those things, I’m not sure how many people could actually live here.  You need to have places that allow you to slow down.  You have to be able to witness quiet and, if you want it, solitude.  Because you may be a city person, but you’re still a person, and people need to escape from the movie version of NYC sometimes.

Thankfully, we have places like Wave Hill in case we don’t want to step outside the 5 boroughs to do that.

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