#492: Watch The Fountain

08 Jul

There’s a fountain, they say
Hidden away
That gives, people think
An eternal drink

What is this?  Oh, this is part of a poem I wrote while in high school.  It’s cheesy and deals rather shallowly with a topic that could be quite compelling.

What’s that?  Oh, the movie called The Fountain does the same thing?  Yep.

It was pretty disappointing considering the material the movie claimed to grapple with–the question of whether living forever is a good thing or not; the pain of being unable to prevent the devastating parts of life from happening; the inability to stop time to savor a magical moment.

The execution wasn’t there.  Maybe it was because I didn’t know what was going on for most of the time.  Or maybe it just wasn’t the director’s best work.

It’s also possible there are some concepts too complicated to properly examine through film.

Though honestly, I don’t think the question of whether living forever is a good thing is all that difficult to answer.

After all, as the end of my high school poem says:

Never, never
Would I ever, ever
Choose to live forever

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