#495: See the Generationals

12 Jul

How to know you’re old:

1. Go to an outdoor concert and be perfectly content to sit on the lawn a little ways away from the stage instead of moving to get closer to the band.

2. Look at the girl next to you who is making out with a guy–who is hopefully her boyfriend–in a publicly indecent way and instead of sighing and wishing you could have someone with whom to be inappropriate in public with, just get annoyed that she chose to display this private behavior only 15 inches from you.

3. Yawn approximately 6 times before the headlining band even begins.

4. Nod emphatically when your friend comments on how late it is getting and why isn’t the main band playing yet. ┬áIt is 8:45pm.

5. Wonder how people can wear shirts and skirts and shorts so tiny.

6. Have a great time at the concert but rush for the exit as soon as it’s over so you can hop on the subway and get home by 11pm.

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