#496: Society of Illustrators

13 Jul

This is one of those times I’m glad I do not have a very well-known blog.  I’m about to say something unpopular: I’m not too into Maurice Sendak.

I know.

As a child, I vaguely remember Where the Wild Things Are, but it didn’t thrill me.

As an adult, when the movie came out and I was supposed to be obsessed with it, I just wasn’t.  I did go see it in the theater but only because someone–and the movie was so unimpressive to me that I can’t even remember who I went with–else wanted to see it.  Plus, I was hoping to finally understand the hype.

But I didn’t.

And now that I’ve seen the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Society of Illustrators, I have to admit I still don’t see the appeal.  I think he was a good artist, but I don’t like the characters he drew.

Maybe monsters just don’t do it for me.

(Though I can identify with the feeling of being so excited about a book you want to devour it.)

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