#502: Chocolate peanut butter pop tart

22 Jul

One of the best things about living alone is not having to share your food.  But one of the worst things is not having anyone to share your food discoveries with.

Chocolate peanut butter pop tarts?  Could there be a better possible discovery during the heat wave that wouldn’t end?  When I saw them in the store, I knew I couldn’t pass them up.  Just thinking of biting into a frozen one of these babies made me want to run home and put my head in the freezer.  Actually, that was probably the heat wave.  But still.  Chocolate and peanut butter is an irresistible combination for anyone with taste buds (and…well, without a nut allergy).

I was so excited to try this new invention.  And then it happened.  I tasted it.  It wasn’t that good.

I had no one to tell.

I could have called my mom, but considering I’d already called her just to tell her I had bought chocolate peanut butter pop tarts two days earlier and she had sounded as excited about them as I was, I couldn’t bear to break her heart with the bad news.

But a roommate!  A roommate would have been the perfect person to complain to about the lack of awesomeness of this anticipated treat.

“How can this not be delicious?” I’d say.

“I have no idea!” the roommate would say.

“Should we try another one just in case that first one was a fluke?” I’d ask.

“Obviously,” the roommate would answer.

“Still unimpressive,” we’d both say.

So yes, the roommate would have been the best partner in peanut butter pop tart disappointment.

But every other time, when I’m not eating the world’s worst chocolate peanut butter combination, I’m glad to live alone.

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