#504: The Art Studio NY

24 Jul

The point is, you go to this art studio, drink wine, copy a painting, and come away with a decent replica of a popular piece of art.

“So, I see you chose purples instead of red,” the instructor said at first.

“Yep,” I said.

10 minutes later: “Do you need any help?”


15 minutes later: “Oh…uh…um…I like that color right there.”

I almost felt bad for the guy because he was clearly nervous that I wasn’t following his instructions and probably worried I’d create something I’d be disappointed in.  But you know what I would have been disappointed in? Creating a painting that looks just like something that already exists.  I get that most art is probably a derivative of other art, and I understand people are inspired by other artists, but to paint something deliberately to look like someone else’s work just doesn’t make sense to me.

Painting a crazy painting whose colors somehow end up matching another painting I already have hanging in my apartment makes sense to me.  Freely applying black brushstrokes to the point where my friend sitting next to me finally has to say, “Okay, careful over there,” makes sense to me.

Not doing something just because everyone else is doing it–that makes sense to me.

Still, The Art Studio NY experience was definitely fun overall.  Did I mention they had wine?

as  as2

What we were supposed to be painting.                            What we ended up painting.

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