#506: Participate in a 5K

28 Jul

“Participate” is a loose term in this case, since the event was set up so that it was almost impossible to actually run the entire 5K (too many people, too confusing of a course, in the dark).  Which was fine, since I hadn’t been running since before all of the heat waves.

So the glow in the dark 5K dance party wasn’t so much of a race but the epitome of what is so terrible about NYC:

  • whenever you find something fun to do, so do hundreds of other people
  • poor logistics can make an activity way less fun
  • no one is ever paying attention to where they’re going or who they’re running into
  • giant crowds of sweaty people
  • not nearly enough bathrooms

Of course, you take the bad with the good, and the fact that we got to jog/walk through the streets/parking lot at Citi Field at night for charity sort of made up for the frustrating parts of the event.

Except for the lack of adequate restrooms; that’s a serious deficiency any way you look at it.

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