#509: Naumburg orchestral concert

31 Jul

This is a fancy way of saying I saw an orchestra in Central Park yesterday.  I didn’t come up with the title, but I approve; it sounds fancy.

I also approve of the fact that the orchestra I saw–the Knights–didn’t care about dressing in matching outfits. All of the members just wore street clothes and it was refreshing to see them play in clothes that made them comfortable.

One more thing I approve of but don’t really understand is that there wasn’t a conductor.  How is this even possible?

Something I did not approve of was when the woman who came late and had a seat because her friends were saving it but didn’t have one for her other friend found an extra chair, brought it to our row, and had everyone move down so she and her friend could sit with the others.

She sort of made up for the annoyance later by offering us homemade cookies, but they looked dry so I didn’t try one.  Plus, you know what they say about strangers with cookies.

(I hope you do, anyway, because I certainly don’t.)

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