#510: End an email with Regards

01 Aug

I’ve typed the word, “Regards,” before my name at the end of an email in the past, just to test it out.  But then I always end up deleting it and replacing it with my usual, “Best.”

I understand that in essence, Regards means the same thing as Best; they’re just different parts of the phrase, “Best Regards.”  And yet, Regards looks so much more formal, seems so much stiffer.  It doesn’t feel like me (in as much as any email closure can feel like a person, of course).

Yesterday, after I spent way too long typing an email announcing to the office that my assistant was leaving–it’s tough to get the perfect mix of corporate speak and I’m-not-exactly-the-formal-type into a one-paragraph note–I tried out the word again.


It didn’t look right.  But then, either did Best.  Hey, my assistant’s leaving and I have no clue how to do the things she does because I only just started getting comfortable with my own job since I started 2 months ago. Best wishes!

No.  It had to be Regards.

And yet, after I sent the email to hundreds of people, after it landed in hundreds of people’s inboxes, after hundreds of pairs of eyes scanned the message and promptly deleted it, I read it over again and questioned whether there was a better word to use than Regards.

Which is how I waste my time sometimes–questioning things that do not matter to anyone except myself and even then they don’t really.

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