#534: Attend a yelp event

29 Oct

I’m still stalled at one yelp post ever.  Luckily, my friend is an elite member and therefore gets special perks.

Like a crowded bar full of people even more frantic about passed appetizers than I am (I didn’t think this was possible, but it is–I’m nowhere near as intense as these yelpers were about swooping in on a tray as soon as it appears and devouring everything on it within seconds).  Like a bar that runs out of alcohol in the first half hour.

I know it may be hard to tell, but I’m not actually complaining.  I can’t complain about a free event that serves me food and drinks and, while only offering two restrooms, doesn’t have a line to use them.  Plus, the bartender was a guy who owns his own liquor company, who I just happened to meet back in January.  I have no clue if he really remembered me, but he filled my glass up more than anyone else’s, so, that’s something.

You know what else is something?  Due to lack of sleep the night before and dangerous stress levels, I felt the effects of the alcohol after only two drinks.

Oh wait.  I also had a delicious cocktail made from Hendricks, elderflower, and “lime” before the event.  (Why is lime in quotation marks? you demand, or maybe you just vaguely wonder.  Well, because although the menu called it a lime, what came in the glass was a cucumber.  Again, I’m not complaining.  I like cucumber drinks. If only I could extend that to its cousin, the pickle.)

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