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#552: Broadway Classics

Classic Broadway songs performed live at Carnegie Hall for $5?  Not too shabby.

Granted, I didn’t love every tune that was played, but they did include one of the best (in my opinion, yes, but also just in general), I Could Have Danced All Night.  I dare you to listen to this song–and watch Audrey Hepburn–and not immediately either 1.) grab the girl/guy you’re with and dance with them, or 2.) imagine grabbing a girl or guy and dancing with them.  Or a puppy or something equally cute.  It’s just so great, and it makes me (since I don’t currently have a guy or girl or puppy within dancing distance) think of times when I’ve felt that happy and look forward to future times when I’ll feel that happy.

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#551: Make peanut butter blondies

I love blondies.  Mostly the chocolate chip kind, because those are really the only kind I’ve ever had–though I have had the chocolate chip-nut kind, but I feel like even mentioning them would be a waste of time since they’re so clearly inferior to the simple chocolate chip kind.  I mean, I like nuts as much as a normal person who likes nuts does, but why do we, as a culture, feel the need to put them in other things?  Nuts should be one of those foods that you only consume plain, or with salt or sugar or whatever.  Do not put them in cookies, do not put them in brownies, and please, for the love of whatever it is you love, do not put them in ice cream.

See.  That’s why I didn’t want to mention them.

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#550: 45 Candles

The concept was intriguing: a night of fiction based on the characters from John Hughes films, all grown up. Claire Standish from The Breakfast Club was a divorced mother who’d had an abortion back in high school after getting pregnant with John Bender’s baby.  Kevin from Home Alone was a loser who frequented his local bar to re-tell the tale of how he was once left by his parents during Christmas.  The ideas themselves were sort of amusing, and some of the stories themselves were delivered well.

But the overall feeling I had while listening was something that can best be described by the word: Ugh.

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#549: Attend a brunch club

Brunch club is nothing like the Breakfast Club.  It is sort of like a movie though in that the woman hosting it knew tons of people from different parts of her life, and everyone came together with homemade food, and it was cozy and delicious.  And a dog leaped over me on the couch to reach her owner.

I don’t know what movie that resembles; I just know that I don’t even know as many people in my entire life as the number that attended the brunch club.

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#548: Leadbelly

I don’t want to say the experience at Leadbelly was perfect, only because if I already found perfection, what more is there to look forward to in life?  I mean, in burgers.

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#547: Swim laps at a hotel

When I was younger, my family didn’t go on vacation very much–or ever, really.  But the few times we traveled away from the city I grew up in, finding out our hotel had a pool was exhilarating.

To this day, I still get the same excited feeling in my chest when I see the hotel I’ll be staying in has a pool. Most of the time I don’t utilize it, and I certainly never swim laps in it.  Whenever I travel for work I tell myself I’m going to make time to exercise, but I tell myself a lot of things just to get me to shut up.

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#546: Eat a bacon chocolate chip cookie

I often joke in an it’s-not-really-funny way that my life is like the first part of a romantic comedy, where everything is screwed up, nothing’s going right, and there are plenty of tears that might be amusing to someone watching but not to the character experiencing it.

But yesterday, I really felt like I was in a movie.  Or at least a TV show.

When I checked into my hotel and the guy said, “There are two people staying in the room?” and I automatically said yes, I knew the audience was thinking, “Aw, poor thing; she’s too ashamed to tell this stranger it’s just going to be her after all.”

When he said a name for me to confirm and I nodded, I heard the audience whisper, “Why can’t she just say, ‘Actually, there’s been a change of plans’?”

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