#539: Reunion

08 Nov

I should be posting this review on yelp, but I forgot my password, as well as which email address I used to sign up, so it’s just easier to post it here.  The same 3 people will read it in either spot.

When I first sat down to wait for a friend at Reunion Surf Bar, I thought, “This doesn’t really seem like an Australian surf bar.”  I knew that because I’ve been to an Australian surf bar.  But on my way out, I noticed the sign that said, “We’re not Australian,” and later, I looked up more info. that told me the bar is based on a place off the coast of Africa.  It’s probably cruel to take away points simply because an establishment doesn’t resemble what it’s not trying to resemble.  So I’m only going to take away half a point for that.

The happy hour specials were okay, and the food looked pretty interesting (on the pricey side, though what can you expect from a bar near Port Authority?).  All solid 3 yelp stars so far.

What I cannot get over is the lack of plastic mermaids in the drinks.

Confession: I am weirdly and overly fond of plastic drink mermaids.  I’ve only ever been to one place that had them (the Rusty Knot), but I kept them and still have them, and the last time I went there was 5 years ago.  I just love them.  I can’t explain it.  Do I have to sit here and try to justify my love for these mermaids?  Don’t you understand the English language doesn’t always contain words for why you love what you do?  Can we just get on with the review, please?

Anyway, I saw the plastic mermaids in pictures on yelp, so I was fully expecting to find out which drink came with them and promptly order one.

No mermaids to be found.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, adding to my little plastic mermaid collection may not seem like a top priority, but in the everyday scheme, the one where we’re all just looking for something to make the next few minutes worth showing up for, the plastic mermaids really help.  So I enjoyed my time drinking frozen mojitos (which are like regular mojitos only worse for you, calorie-wise, but way better for you, mint-stuck-between-your-teeth-wise) and went home probably slightly happier than I’d been when I came in, but if you asked me if I think I’d be even happier if I had another 2–or maybe 3 but I’m not going to be greedy–plastic mermaids, I’d respond before you finished asking the question.  Which would be rude, so I apologize–in the second conditional tense, that is.

In case you’re wondering, my official yelp review would be 2.5 stars, if I could give half stars, and if I could sign into my yelp account.

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