#549: Attend a brunch club

25 Nov

Brunch club is nothing like the Breakfast Club.  It is sort of like a movie though in that the woman hosting it knew tons of people from different parts of her life, and everyone came together with homemade food, and it was cozy and delicious.  And a dog leaped over me on the couch to reach her owner.

I don’t know what movie that resembles; I just know that I don’t even know as many people in my entire life as the number that attended the brunch club.

At one point I got into a conversation about meditation–which, as you may know, is not something I’m exactly an expert on–and this girl who clearly was an expert on it was giving suggestions on how to start living a calmer life.  To be honest, just reminding myself to be calmer has already started to work a bit, and I’m betting the running is helping, too.  But I’m open to trying nearly anything if it means not freaking (myself and others) out all the time with my pronounced emotions.

The thing this girl suggested was something she’d read in an apparently essential book if you’re starting on the path of a calmer you–I’ve already forgotten the name of it.  Whenever you feel stressed or angry or, from the way this girl spoke, not like you’ve just been sedated, you should recite this to yourself as you breathe: Breathing in, I calm myself.  Breathing out, I smile.

It sounds ridiculous, right?  But for some reason, the idea appeals to me.  I think it’s because it doesn’t ask me to ignore what’s going on that might be bothering me, and it doesn’t request me to pretend I’m happy when I’m not.  It just suggests that I calm myself and smile for a moment.

That’s probably a pretty tiny baby step on the way to overall peacefulness, but when you’ve barely been able to crawl for almost 3 decades, a small step is still something to celebrate and cheer about and take a picture of before you stumble and fall face first to the floor.

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