#552: Broadway Classics

30 Nov

Classic Broadway songs performed live at Carnegie Hall for $5?  Not too shabby.

Granted, I didn’t love every tune that was played, but they did include one of the best (in my opinion, yes, but also just in general), I Could Have Danced All Night.  I dare you to listen to this song–and watch Audrey Hepburn–and not immediately either 1.) grab the girl/guy you’re with and dance with them, or 2.) imagine grabbing a girl or guy and dancing with them.  Or a puppy or something equally cute.  It’s just so great, and it makes me (since I don’t currently have a guy or girl or puppy within dancing distance) think of times when I’ve felt that happy and look forward to future times when I’ll feel that happy.

Still not convinced My Fair Lady is one of the greatest?  (No, I don’t know where that thesis came from either.) Listen to this one and tell me you do not want a guy/girl/puppy feeling this way about you–even though it’s goofy and over the top and you won’t actually end up together because you for some reason choose the man who doesn’t even care about you until it’s too late just because he’s complicated and not so easily won over and not as eager to abandon his entire life to be with you, and you’re attracted to that because it’s a challenge despite the fact that if you had any friends they’d tell you he’s not worth the trouble but you’d ignore them since you can’t help how you feel and being with someone who isn’t easy seems right for you somehow.  Even someone who calls you a “brazen hussy.”

Anyway, it was a good night of music.

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