#554: Queens Comfort

08 Dec

This is the type of place you go to when it’s a chilly–but not frigid because you’ll have to wait outside for your name to be called (actually, they call you by the number in your party and your favorite toy, which you reveal when you put your name in, which is sort of cute but also sort of weird when someone says their favorite toy is Drunk Barbie because you’re pretty sure that isn’t a real toy and you suspect maybe some people aren’t taking this seriously, which is a shame because you hate when people don’t follow the rules)–weekend afternoon and you’ve just run more than 5 miles and all you feel like doing is relaxing…and eating.

The reason going to Queens Comfort requires this sort of scenario is because the food here is not light.You might lie to yourself and say you’re going to try to get one of the healthiest things on the menu, but let’s face it: you’re going to get the disco tots (tater tots covered with cheese and gravy) and some form of Eggs Benedict. Even if you get the zucchini benedict because you think it’s a good idea to try something you don’t normally love, you’ll find out that 1.) fried zucchini is delicious, and 2.) there’s no way you’ll be able to finish more than half of your meal because the dish is so heavy.

Do I recommend the restaurant?  Certainly.  It was a great experience.   But if you haven’t just finished a long run, and you don’t have an hour afterward to spend napping, you should probably save it for a day when you do. Just a little advice from a running–okay, fine, an eating expert.

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