#557: Try Google Glass

18 Dec

From the first time I saw the trailer for Google Glass where the guy is waiting for his friend to show up and GG tells him, “She’s right around the corner,” I was terrified for this to become a real thing.

Maybe I’m being too paranoid.  Maybe I’m being too delusional to assume anyone would ever care enough about me to want to know my every move.  Regardless, I’m scared to live in a world where someone can ask a ridiculous looking headpiece where I am and be told the answer.  It’s the same reason I resisted for so long to get an iPhone.

The exhibit itself wasn’t too impressive since GG didn’t really display movies based on what exactly I was looking at; it just played things relevant to the approximate area I was in.  Which should be comforting because it means it wasn’t actually recording my eye movements.  However, two things still disturb me about the whole thing: 1.) it apparently used the bones in my ear to produce the sound, and 2.) if it’s not exact, then theoretically one day someone could ask where his friend is and GG could accidentally tell him where I am instead.

Suffice it to say I’m not buying Google Glass.  I realize it’s one small resistance in a world that can already tell you everything about my past and present (who knows–maybe my future, too), but I’m sticking by it for as long as I can.

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