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#570: Warm mint julep

The first time I ever had a mint julep, I was in Charleston for the first–and so far only–time, for work.  I was 23.  I didn’t really know what a mint julep was, but we were at a restaurant serving delicious Lowcountry food and the atmosphere begged for full participation, and I thought, why not.

The first sip was surprisingly sweet and pleasant.  And while the rest of the drink was tasty as well, and the dessert we had was also very good, that first sip of delight remains seared into my memory as one of the better experiences in life.

The warm mint julep at a bar in Brooklyn on yet another frigid evening (about as far from South Carolina as one can be, figuratively) was essentially mint tea with whiskey. Read the rest of this entry »

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#569: Eat kale on purpose

I guess I knew this day would have to come eventually if I was truly going to stick to my healthier eating resolution; I just didn’t think it would happen within the first month.

But, the kale and spinach mix was on sale, and I can’t ignore a deal, so.

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#568: Cry in Chili’s

Whenever I’m doing something possibly dangerous, I think, “What a dumb way to die.”  Usually, that thought doesn’t stop me from doing whatever I’m doing, but it does help lighten the mood.

Yesterday, it just reinforced the fact that I was scared.

People don’t ride the subway in Philly.  I know this because Philadelphia dwellers told me.  I also know this because I rode it last night on a quest to visit Pizza Brain, a “pizza museum” that happens to serve delicious pizza, and hardly anyone was on the train at 8:30pm on a Saturday.

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#567: See the Liberty Bell

Staying in a crappy hotel
In Center City, Philadel
Went to see the bell
And just thought, What the

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#566: Go commando in winter

Due to poor planning on my part (a run at an indoor track, with no extra pair of underwear for the ride home), I ended up wearing my work pants and nothing else under them.

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#565: Play Cards Against Humanity

I once asked someone on a first date what would be a good board game for my family, because he was very into board games.  He told me Cards Against Humanity.  We’re no longer in touch, but I wish we were so I could ask him, “What were you thinking??!”

To be fair, I can imagine some families would enjoy this game together, and since the guy didn’t know me, he would have no way of knowing that my mom doesn’t even like movies with swearing in them.  But to recommend this game as a family game?  No. Read the rest of this entry »

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#564: Cook chicken breast

…by myself.

There’s a book that just came out this week about how there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re single at a late age.  Of course everyone is raving about the concept as if it’s something new because women are raised to assume there is something wrong with them.  “It’s not you,” the book insists.  “You just haven’t met the one for you yet.”  An uplifting idea, to be sure.

But as I stood at the stove, watching the oil in the pan sizzle way more than it should have, after I ran to put a plastic bag condom on my smoke detector so the middle-aged single woman next door wouldn’t have to hear my fire alarm, witnessing the chicken browning on the sides way faster than it should have, wondering how exactly I got to be almost 30 years old without knowing how to cook chicken breast, I realized it might very easily be me. Read the rest of this entry »

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