#560: Watch Tiny Furniture

01 Jan

The reason I finally watched Tiny Furniture is because I was alone on New Year’s Eve, which is also a new thing (I mean alone in the not speaking to or seeing any other person sense, and not in the not dating anyone sense, the latter of which is a state I have celebrated roughly 23-24 New Year’s Eves in).  But even though I will tell you right here in type that being alone was mostly my own doing–I was recovering from a sickness so didn’t make plans and then on the day when I panicked for not having plans and invited myself into two different third wheel situations I realized I really shouldn’t be going out while on antibiotics, and then proceeded to tell the person I wanted to spend New Year’s with the most not to come spend New Year’s with me because I’m just that dumb–I’m still too ashamed at my lameness to use “Spend New Year’s Eve alone” as my new thing for the day.

So I was watching this movie, which I expected not to like, because I expected to be very annoyed at its creator, Lena Dunham.  I’d never seen Girls for the sole reason that I think I’d be too angry at everything in that show, as a person who did not grow up with money or the possibility of an artist’s life.  (A few days ago I gave in and tried to watch the show but couldn’t find it anywhere I have access to.)

And while at times I was annoyed by the annoying way Lena’s character lived her life simply because she had grown up in a household where her mother was a successful professional artist and she didn’t feel pressured to stay at a menial hostess job because she knew her mom wouldn’t be all that upset with her for not being able to contribute to anything after she graduated, the rest of the time, I actually enjoyed the movie.  I thought the characters reliably played family (which makes sense because the mother and sister were played by Lena’s actual mother and sister, but I didn’t know that at the time).  I thought there were several amusing lines (my favorite was, “Did you google cupcakes?”).  While the main character wasn’t exactly punished for her less than responsible ways, she wasn’t exactly celebrated either, so I feel like it’s probably pretty true to life.  Rich kids can get away with doing irresponsible things.  That seems plausible.

Plus, though I wasn’t in a good mood after watching the movie (it was an hour before midnight, which gave me an hour to continue panicking about what exactly it all meant that I was alone on the day when no one should be alone, and wouldn’t this somehow affect the rest of my life even though no one would even know it if I didn’t decide to put it in my blog?), I wasn’t in a life-sucks-we-should-just-all-kill-ourselves mood either.  So there’s that.  And sometimes, on a New Year’s Eve when you find yourself in bed alone at 11pm, that’s enough to make the promise of a new day and a new year not so bad.

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