#562: Spend $1.50 on a banana

04 Jan

My new year’s resolution is to eat healthier (to start preparing for next year’s marathon).  The problem is–I mean the problems are:

  1. I love food.
  2. I love variety in food.
  3. I love candy, and chocolate, and carbs, and ice cream.
  4. I hate the idea of restricting myself from the things I love.
  5. I’m not used to paying careful attention to what I eat.

So I have my work cut out for me.

I was initially going to postpone even thinking about this resolution until I returned from my work trip because trying to eat healthily while traveling can be frustrating (so I hear, anyway).  But then the first day of my trip, I ate a salad for lunch and it was delicious.  Next I had a decently healthy dinner.  So by this morning, I was already in healthy mode.  And it turns out, healthy mode for me is sort of like a competition (against…junk food?  Diabetes?  The Hershey Company?  I don’t know.  Just trust me that it’s a competition).

While waiting in the outrageously long line at the overpriced hotel cafe for a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, I noticed the barrels of fruit standing next to the pastries.  I’ll grab a banana even though I know fruit is overpriced at these places, I thought, so I can have a mid-morning snack.  (One of the keys to eating healthier is apparently eating every few hours, which I don’t usually do.)

Proud of my foresight and commitment to healthy eating, I stepped up to the register.  When the price of the banana registered in my mind, I almost shot my hand out to take it back and replace it with a muffin.

For some perspective, in case you never buy bananas, I get angry when I have to pay 35 cents for a banana, as you can sometimes get them for 25 cents each.  $1.50 for one banana is 6 times the price–and that’s the NYC price where everything is already more expensive.  It didn’t matter if my company was ultimately paying for it; on principle, was I really going to pay 6 times the price of a banana for one piece of fruit?  Just so I could “win” the day’s round of healthy eating?

If you would guess the answer’s no, you have no idea of how competitive I am.

So I sucked it up, sucked in the banana a few hours later, and basked in the thought that I was purposely doing something good for my body.

Other things I did purposely that day that I never do: ate cucumbers at lunch and ate tomatoes at dinner.  Yeah. It’s a whole new year, baby.

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