#565: Play Cards Against Humanity

13 Jan

I once asked someone on a first date what would be a good board game for my family, because he was very into board games.  He told me Cards Against Humanity.  We’re no longer in touch, but I wish we were so I could ask him, “What were you thinking??!”

To be fair, I can imagine some families would enjoy this game together, and since the guy didn’t know me, he would have no way of knowing that my mom doesn’t even like movies with swearing in them.  But to recommend this game as a family game?  No.

The game was okay–not my favorite kind because it’s completely subjective, and I get a little upset when there aren’t clear-cut rules and procedures to winning.  (Not a lot upset, I swear; I’m trying to be less competitive…) Plus, essentially, you’re just filling in the blanks to sentences with phrases on cards, and the people I was playing with kept choosing the literal answers as the best, whereas I kept picking the most absurd/nonsensical answers to submit.  So…I did not win.

Which meant, yay!  An excuse to practice not caring about losing!  Seriously, it was good practice.  Especially because I could console myself with the knowledge that if I were playing with people who had a similar sense of humor as I do (I’m sure people like this must exist, even if I haven’t encountered them yet), I would have killed it, so it wasn’t really like losing.  Right?

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