#571: Watch Girls

01 Feb

I purposely avoided watching Girls for years because I felt like I was around people like those on the show (rich, entitled, useless) all the time.  Turns out, I am around people like those on the show all the time, and also I’m one of them (silly, lost, clueless).

As much as I thought I would hate the main character, I feel like I understand her, and I also feel ashamed of that. The quitting jobs because she doesn’t think they’re good enough for her part, no.  But the desperately wanting someone to love her and dating a guy who treats her like crap and makes her feel crazy half the time but then in small moments is absolutely incredible and therefore seems worth it, oh yeah.

The thing is, the girls in the show are in their early 20s.  I’m almost 30.  I probably shouldn’t be spending energy caring about people who will never care about me in the way I need and, frankly, deserve.  I probably shouldn’t be spending time watching a show about people like this, either, but I can’t help it.  Like Hannah is to Adam (so far at least, after episode 8 in season 1), I’m hooked.

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