#572: See Her

02 Feb

To say I was disappointed in Her would be an understatement.

I had been looking forward to this movie for months and had intended to see it for weeks but only just finally got around to it.  I’m not sorry it took me so long to see it though because I got to enjoy a longer period of anticipation before my hopes were dashed.

The movie had several problems for me:

  1. It was extremely slow-moving, which is something I can only handle in truly remarkable films, such as Stranger Than Fiction.
  2. It was, as a result of #1, pretty boring.
  3. It didn’t stir me, emotionally, the way I had expected it to.

Granted, all of these things may be completely confined to my own experience, especially if the reviews I’ve seen are any indication.  But it just didn’t hold my attention the way I’d assumed it would, despite the fact that I was totally on board with the concept–if I had a guy in my computer who could make me feel loved, I think it would be pretty tempting to love him back.

At least Joaquin Phoenix wore glasses made by Warby Parker, which is where I got my new glasses, and I could tell from the distinctive mark on the front, so I spent most of the movie questioning, “Are they really Warby Parker?” and then reassuring myself, “Yeah, they have to be.”  So that kept me engaged.

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