#584: Eat Cincinnati chili

25 Feb

Cincinnati-style chili (famously from Skyline) is served on spaghetti.  A friend from Kentucky would always talk about the city’s chili, and its “cheese Coneys” (which are hot dogs with chili on them and as far as I know have nothing to do with Coney Island, though it seems weird that they wouldn’t, right?).  Though I’m not the biggest fan of chili in general, I always figured I’d one day try it, since I AM the biggest fan of pasta.

Last night I had my chance at Edward’s Cincinnati Night.  I ordered the “3-way” because it has a funny name and I am 12 years old.  But also because it was the simplest form of the chili, served on a bed of spaghetti, topped with a pile of cheddar cheese.

It was okay.  Not being a chili connoisseur, I can’t tell you whether it was as delicious as it’s rumored to be. My friend from Kentucky says it’s also not quite as good as it is when you get it from the actual Skyline restaurant, but then you’d have to travel to Cincinnati, and TriBeCa is way closer, so…if you want authentic Cincinnati-style chili, I’ll leave the choice up to you.

You can also choose to try the 4-way or 5-way if you dare.

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