#588: Fly out of Austin

04 Mar

Why JetBlue is my spirit airline:

  1. We both recognize the importance of snacks.
  2. We understand the needs of long legs.
  3. We appreciate Food Network and House Hunters.
  4. When we hurt others, we try our best to make things right or at least lessen the blow, like how JetBlue apparently canceled a flight the night before after hours of telling passengers it would just be a few more minutes on a minor mechanical issue, so they’re giving those people double the amount in travel vouchers.
  5. We do everything we can to make things work, even when it seems impossible–like how the flight attendant found a tiny space for my bag so it wouldn’t have to be checked, and then helped shove aside the other bags so I could force mine in.
  6. We’re both prone to overreacting and making rash decisions based on emotion vs. facts, like how, on Saturday, JetBlue canceled my Monday afternoon flight from Austin to New York because there was a winter storm on its way, instead of waiting to get more information, though it was far too early to tell what impact the weather would have on air travel in the area at that point.  So I rescheduled for the next day, figuring all of Monday’s flights were preemptively canceled, only to find out later it was just mine and re-book for a 6am flight, leading me to sleep for one hour that night after my friend’s wedding.  It made no sense and caused a ridiculous amount of hassle for me and many others, and yet, somehow, I don’t think any less of JetBlue because of it.  Mostly because of #1.
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