#589: New York Beer Company

05 Mar

Some of my friends are flakes.  It comes with the NYC territory (or at least that’s what I tell myself to avoid the crushing feeling that my friends just don’t care about other people that much, which would mean I’m bad at choosing friends and probably everything else in life, so I don’t like to think like that).  Inevitably, any time I plan something for after work–or any time someone else plans something for after work–at least a couple of them will back out during the day.

Usually it’s because of a work issue, which I totally get.  Sometimes, it’s because of exhaustion, which I also get.

Last night, I was busy at work and ridiculously tired.  I wanted to cancel and go home and lie in bed and think about my life and go to sleep at 8pm.  But I didn’t.  I mustered up the strength to meet 2 people–who were all that was left after the day’s cancellations–at New York Beer Company.

Was it worth it?  The thing is, I could easily tell you no.  I could say if I had gone straight home and gotten more rest, the rest of my work week would be easier, and maybe I would be better able to stave off the cold that has been lurking in my sinuses for 2 weeks.  I could claim going out and having a few drinks and eating junk food was a bad way to try to recover.  I could compare it to how, on any first date that isn’t spectacular (read: pretty much every first date I have), all I can think about during it is how I wish I were at home on my couch watching TV.

Sure, in a moment of tiredness the next day, contemplating how I didn’t get home till the outrageous hour of 10pm, or during a second of grabbing my stomach fat, thinking about how feeding it burger and fries isn’t doing it any favors, it would be simple to say a simple night out wasn’t worth it.  But I know that’s not true.

Because even though I love sleep and New York Beer Company wasn’t that fantastic of a place, it was still better than being at home alone.  As much as I like my couch and bed and computer, I know objectively it was a good idea to celebrate Mardi Gras in the company of people who like me.

That’s why I will never be a flake.

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