#590: Pay off all student loans

06 Mar

I think I’m supposed to feel like I just accomplished something important.  I know I’m supposed to feel like a small thing I do in my life that means I no longer have a certain automatic payment deducted from my checking account each month is no less impressive just because I happen to have friends who are doing things like pledging their lives to another human being until the end of time.

Everyone’s different, and we are all on different paths.  That’s something I finally came to understand while living in Ohio 2 years ago.  It was a major breakthrough that for some reason took existing in a relatively uneventful suburb without transportation or friends for 5 months to really comprehend.

I’m not any worse of a human because I can’t seem to find another human to marry.  I’m not any less of a person because I haven’t been able to entice someone to commit to me.  I’m not any weaker of a sack of bones and meat because I don’t have another sack of bones and meat lying beside me at night.

I’m almost 30 years old, so of course I recognize these things.

And yet.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the accomplishments we look back on and smile about in our old age have nothing to do with money and everything to do with people.

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