#591: Mail a pillow

07 Mar

Pillows are important.  To me, sure, but really to humans in general.

Think about it.

If your pillow is lumpy (assuming you don’t like lumpy pillows), you’ll toss and turn before falling asleep.  If your pillow is hard (and you like soft pillows), you might throw the pillow to the floor rather than attempt to lay your head down on it.  If your pillow is soft (and you like hard pillows), you might be too freaked out by the weird squishy feeling under your head to ever get any rest.  And if your pillow is just somehow off, in a way you can’t explain, you may wake up the next morning with an aching neck.

By mailing a pillow, not only was I taking an important step in moving my life forward, back to resemble a stage before it got twisted into a new shape–which was, of course, both wonderful and hard, as many new shapes are–but I was also helping to restore rest and calm and relaxation and peace to a human I care about deeply.

And that’s not something I get to do very often…just, you know, since, my personality being what it is, those aren’t words typically associated with me.

So I’m pretty proud of mailing that pillow.  But I miss it already.  Even though it smelled funky and I have 5 others on my bed.

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