#595: ArtLab

12 Mar

Listen.  I really really wanted to love this.  You know how fascinated I am with brain stuff.  You understand how intrigued I am by cool science-y things.  (Or you should, anyway.  Do you seriously not know me at all, random stranger who stumbled upon this blog after searching for how to do an adult somersault?)

And I guess, on a purely well-I’ve-never-seen-something-like-this-before-so-it’s-sort-of-cool level, it was interesting.  Maybe my expectations were just too high.  When I heard ArtLab was going to hook musicians up with wires and use their brain waves to make music, I was picturing just that.

What actually happened was a drummer and a singer were hooked up with wires, and while they played or sang, we saw brain wave patterns and heard strange vibrations as accompaniment.

In no way am I undermining what took place last night.  I’m sure it was very great science stuff.  It’s just–how to best explain what happened?  The truth.  Always go with the truth.  Okay.  So the drummer did a percussion set as a trial and then when he was hooked up to the wires he did another percussion piece.  Next, the singer sang a regular song as a trial, but then when she was hooked up to the wires she suddenly burst out with these weird moan-type growls.  As her song.  It was slightly animal-like, but more like the kind of animal you’d dream about.  In a nightmare.

When she was done, she grinned and said it was incredible, which I don’t doubt because I have a feeling something went haywire with her wires and aliens were using them to emit those noises from her mouth.  So yeah, it was probably an intense experience for her.

But for the audience?  Or at least for me, just a regular-brained human who wanted to see something fun with the intersection of science and art?  Well-I’ve-never-seen-something-like-this-before-so-it’s-sort-of-cool.

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