#598: The Dreadful Project

18 Mar

It’s supposed to be something traditionally terrifying, I think, since the sketchbook project’s latest project is sponsored by Showtime’s upcoming series, Penny Dreadful.  So you’re supposed to create something creepy or spooky or skin-crawlingly awful.

And I did.


It’s me over here and it’s you over there and we can’t figure out how to get to the same space, and even though I know one day I will stop seeing that as a nightmare, right now I still wake up every morning and wish I were back in my dreams where dreadful things happen but aren’t permanent.  Where the dried up flowers could come to life, and no, it wouldn’t be the same because you can’t revive dead flowers as if they were those foam capsules you “just add water” to and they blow up into fun animal shapes–even in an imaginary world that just doesn’t happen to flowers–but at least they would have some form.  They would be something, which is better than what they are now: scattered on the floor and refusing to be cleaned up, taunting me because they know I can’t bring myself to throw them out until I can convince myself it’s okay that they’re dead.

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