#604: Front Toward Enemy

03 Apr

This new speakeasy bar in Astoria had almost everything you would expect: a speakeasy-type entrance, low lighting, cozy booths.

Alcohol?  Not so much.  I mean, they had it, but they were out of one that was in 3 cocktails.

“It was a crazy weekend,” the waiter said.

Okay, yeah.  Sure.  That explains why a bar/restaurant doesn’t have alcohol on a Wednesday.

Other than that, the place was fine.  The waiter took 10 minutes to describe all the drinks that weren’t available, 5 minutes to describe chickpea fries, and 2 minutes to say that a medium-cooked burger would be cooked medium.  So that was entertaining/annoying.  The burger itself wasn’t very good, which is especially disappointing when you try to eat healthily and allow yourself fewer “cheat” meals than before.  There was no happy hour, which, yeah, terrible.  But the drink they did have available was delicious.

So–put under the “new experience but not one I’d like to have again” category.

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