#610: Brooklyn Winery

13 Apr

I’ll never claim to know much about wine.  I’ll always let you pick which one to drink (sometimes to detrimental consequences).

But if you had asked me the difference between red and white wine before yesterday, I would have told you, with about 99.8% confidence, that red wine comes from red or purple grapes, and white wine is made from green grapes.

Nope.  Not so.

Apparently, red wine comes from red grapes with the skin still on, and white wine can be red or green grapes because the skin is taken off before making it.  If you leave the skin on green grapes and make wine, the result is an orange wine.

Who knew?  Did you know this?  Maybe you did.  Maybe most people do.  But I was completely shocked.

The name of Brooklyn Winery doesn’t roll off your tongue as nicely as the Brooklyn Brewery (alliteration is almost always preferable in a name, in my opinion), but the tour is much better.  Granted, the one at the beer place is free, but come on, it’s 5 minutes long.

The one at Brooklyn Winery is an hour long, and you get 6 different wines to taste, an extra glass of wine or cheese or meat plate, and a souvenir wine glass.  Worth the money, and then some.

I’ll still let you pick the wine, but at least now I’ll know that if you choose white, it isn’t necessarily made from green grapes.

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