#613: Take a cycling class

17 Apr

The class was held behind a curtain in the corner of your typical start-up office space.  The bike was what I imagine a typical modern exercise bike would look like.  The instructor was talking to the wall as if the room were filled with students instead of 6 of us crammed into the makeshift “classroom.”

I don’t know anything about cycling, so I can’t say for sure whether the idea of selling a stationary bike with a screen attached for $2,000 and then charging a monthly fee to access the classes online is a brilliant business idea.

I can say that, as someone who has never taken a cycling class before, the workout wasn’t as bad as the brutal body bruising I received in the process: the muscle above my knee somehow got twisted, my ankle is now messed up, and my butt feels like I bounced on 2 pointy rocks for an hour.  But the worst pain is in my shin, where I banged it against the pedal while trying to release my foot from its grasp.  (Did you know there’s such a thing as bike shoes?)

So again, perhaps this start-up will be successful with the too-lazy-to-get-an-actual-bike or lives-in-an-area-not-conducive-to-actual-bike-riding or willing-to-shell-out-thousands-of-dollars-for-a-“live”-cycle-class-experience sets. But I’m going to stick with running.

Assuming I can, that is.  Seriously, you have no idea how much my butt hurts.

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