#615: Play Scattergories

21 Apr

My brother and sisters and I played a lot of board games growing up.  That’s probably why, every time I visit my family in Ohio, we plan a game night.  Well, that, and because, by the time we get around to playing after the niece and nephew are in bed, everyone’s usually pretty tired and loopy, which makes for hilarious–though not exactly sophisticated–times.

Last night the game was Scattergories, and none of us had every played it before.  Scattergories, Jr., yes.  In fact, playing the junior version with my older sister is one of my more vivid board game memories.

But now we’re all grown up, and we have to play adult versions of games.

It’s still fun, but I think the main reason it’s fun is that even playing the adult version brings us back to being kids again.  And what adult doesn’t want that?

Maybe adults who didn’t grow up playing board games with their siblings.  Those poor people.

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